Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Simple Makes Better

Happiness is simple, it doesn't have to be glamorous. Do you think you, or anyone else, have read the theme of t-shirts or some messages on social media like that. It is true and not a true coincidence, wow, this is moreover the bikers. In order to display that on your ride, there is little something shiny in certain parts can use oil / cleaning fluid that is often known to the public (common product), namely Brasso. The price is not up to 2 packs of filter cigarettes. Silver craftsmen, imitation jewelry to premium jewelry, or just metal, brass, stainless steel, and copper and agate are also not wrong to use this to change the appearance so that the goods / materials are shiny and unsightly rather than rusty. Rusty gold is getting more expensive, rusty iron horse ....?

simple material brasso for cleaning

Wait for minutes. There are 2 different views. The first side feels uncomfortable, the second side is even more proud even more to make its own owner icon. The proof is that each event, for the original class or authenticity is still ongoing and gets its own attention. 

an object suitable for brusshing

I use this liquid is not often, the proof is 2 months have not been used up. Simply smeared on the surface of the material or material with a absorbent cloth, wait a few minutes then wipe the cleaning cloth and the results .... it is enough to make the eyes a little like after washing your eyes. Material made from brass, very real difference between before smeared with after smeared with this Brasso oil liquid. Please and have a try. In essence, do not underestimate the trivial that can actually make everything okey.

Monday, 18 November 2019


Favorite item or material as the first opening of this blog are houses built in the Sinuhun (Java King), or rather in the 1800s to be exact 1839. Of course the material contained in the structure of the building, what type and name at that time except the standard ones. Nowadays, there are ceramics, stanlees etc. certainly not the elements that make this building still survive. Staying at  the main road of the city Solo called the Jalan Slamet Riyadi 61. In front of the Bank of Central Java or the difference between the two Toko Nusa houses in the direction of its prosperity. Toko Nusa, a shop with paper branding, may also just be a coincidence the name of the owner of this blog has witnessed the triumph of the family business.

wooden style in site area

Offered at an open price of 12 billion rupiahs full negotiable with an area of ​​approximately 300 m2 and data that was recorded with 1300 Watt electricity. The author tries to make a transaction with the direct owner who is in Bandung, but the parents are from Solo and why in Bandung? Perhaps and certainly the parents are senior lecturers at ITB Chemistry or can contact me at WA. +62881.293.7371 location Solo City central Java.

inner original main room of site

Looks from the side like 2th floor building, but all have been opened completely (plong) even though the former stairs or other property are also still there. For offices or business services, it seems quite suitable even though there are some shortcomings, namely the south side / Slamet Riyadi is not as free as parking the north side. However, if viewed the north, it is not necessary to ask what the difference is existing now.

Friday, 1 November 2019

An Exhaust Surgeon Panji Seriez

Just call him the name : brother  Panji (Mr. Panji), living in a Grobogan east os Semarang located  Central Java province of Indonesia. With his muffler product labelled panji seriez, it seems that this home-based business has already reaped good results for the family or for social activities at KCBI (had noted before).

panji seriz in CB event Nganjuk east Java

Repetitive posting on social media like facebook only, with a casual style always greet customers with the slightest without ever like selling something. That is the selling style of middle-aged middle-class bikers who  had more thick and long experience. Like the previous material, coffee is wrapped with further gatherings with businesses.

another style of panji seriez as a self market

Some of the big for events of CB communities often meet and talk with brother Panji is really welcome person. He was one of the pioneers in the founding of the KCBI which is active in the social actions  and has now become a legal foundation. In CB Indonesia he was as well known alright, but He most like in position independent bikers. Whenever at working, the studio seems still simple, but it is sufficient to work both a day timesheet  and overtime. Kind of understandly, there the bikers CB biker ahead of the event likes to give homework immediately especially there are big events such as the 9th anniversary CB Poilce Jogja that will starting tomorrow in Jogjakarta.

panji seriez studio home work

His smart smiles always showing his wall status each time he posted a new info. With the local trademark Panji Seriez, its products are almost owned by those who have long played with CB motorcycles. It turns out, with a relaxed marketing style, friendly, always friendly greeting a kind of magnet itself in capturing loyal consumers both just maintenance, service to order with a particular model (as reques). Entering this millennial era, it seems that the classic or old manner style is still a favorite of some business people who deal with motorcycle accessories, especially CB. Good luck and ready to face a straight competition with big boss industry with large budgets and modern marketing. Long live the classical style, because classics are always interesting in anything it was.

panji's son ability to help

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Coffee Drink Wrapped In Business

Indonesian CB bikers habit when gathering will stand up their motorcycles neatly and regularly. Maybe at abroad is the same too. Looks compact and united in the soul and spirit is his trademark. The shape and model problems are number two and shall be even more numerous. Without concerning status, work and job position all unites look like in intimacy. The theme coffee drink wrapped in business noted as unique title and noted in this blog.

no promise no invitation available meet

What's unique about each meeting is that the program is always called by a coffee drink together. It is unclear and when this word began. Well known on social media or social conversation (whatsapp), coffee is the right word to call them. Some cities do this lightly and sometimes by accident not with special promise.

costumable meeting taken to advertise

Not only familiarity, the name gathered finally led to the discussion and exchange of opinions to the discussion of motorbike problems, especially those they have. Finally, the conversation spread to the world of workshops, modifications, spare parts, touring and others. This is unique and always happens that's way. Indeed, the classical world allows for that, so I always like things that are classic. Classic is unique and unique makes it will be tickly......let's chat together, forever in classic lovers

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Remember Ex Girl Friend

Yesterday afternoon suddenly a little surprised meet 2 eyes with the ex-girlfriend's sister while still I was in senior high school (SMA) in Indonesia. Had a love affair with his sister even though only one year, or more or less before graduating from high school. Did you just see his younger, how about especially when you met his older brother whose she was my girl friend? Imperceptibly, remembering the beautiful memory when establishing togetherness. and noted a theme as remember ex girl friend in this site.

Even at night while accomply overtiming at home because so many orders should  be finished in 2 days, trying to work by listening to classical music including: knife, rockwell, a whitter shade of pale procol harum,  take a look at me now phill collins and yesterday for beatles and much more. Well, memory is never broken promises, and when it appeared immediately suppressed fully memory that was still remembered, still innocent,  pure and what is the meaning of love? ...... woooow, just wonderful.....!!

Between love and hate immediately becoming one in one touch and looklike  a young again risen. Somehow it can be like this ? only self knows, the wife is also not suspicious. Then how come you can meet? Because of the ex-lover's sister, her husband is my front neighbor, and returns home once a year. It does not have to be exactly Idul Fitri or the end of the year, which is clearly her husband's workplace in Batam, Sumatra, allowing her to meet her mother once or twice a year. And each time the husband and wife go home, attention is always focused on the woman who is none other than the ex-sister's sister.

Well for all readers , the world and 7 skies are will smile  when it comes to something about love even though it is still very young, and the song continues to play and the work doesn't feel too nearly over. I was very happy tonight, like a song : tonight I celebrite my love for U.......haaaaa. And the end notice, I very deeply remember from Rod Stewart : Baby Jane, which relesed album at 1983.

#greetings deeply love always makes a great moment.....as the real frend said to me